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You can hire our trucks on a permanent or casual hire basis depending on your needs.
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Supplementary Fleet Hire

Have you ever lost business when your regular fleet was unavailable? Dynamic Distribution Systems has got the perfect solution for you. We provide you a Supplementary Fleet to replace your own.


Having a fleet on the clock 24/7 is critical for your business. Not being able to fulfil your commitments due to deficiencies and unavailability of your fleet can bring you a bad name and even loose business as a result. Sometimes even though you plan ahead you will still have to face issues with your fleet. But with our Supplementary Fleet Hire service you will never have to say no or disappoint your customers.


Benefits of Supplementary Fleet Hire

Never say “NO” – With our Supplementary Fleet Hire to cover your short comings of your fleet you will never have to say “NO” to current and new customers.

Savings -When you have an above regular demand for your fleet; hiring a fleet to supplement your current fleet instead of having to spend money to purchase new vehicles.

Resources – We have team of skilled drivers and vehicles so your business will run smoothly.

Increased Revenue- When urgent demands are needed to be met you can achieve this with our supplementary fleet hire service and increases your revenue with limited costs


Dynamic Distribution Systems can offer you the cheapest rentals in Sydney or Australia wide with our range of fleet hire services.  You will not just get the cheapest rentals when you need to hire a fleet but also a skilled an experienced team that uses the latest technology and vehicles in transportation industry in Australia. 


At short notice we can provide you with a fleet as a substitute for your own fleet. For more information on our Supplementary Fleet service call Dynamic Distribution Systems today.