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You can hire our trucks on a permanent or casual hire basis depending on your needs.
Dynamic Distribution Systems is part of Dynamic Group Australia.

Specialized Vehicles

Our fleet contains a wide range of Specialized Vehicles for you to choose from. For whatever reason you need to hire a vehicle we have got you covered. Our fleet contains vehicles such as Delivery Vehicles, Tail Lifts Vehicles, Crane Trucks and much more.


Having a business alone is not going to bring you success; you need to have the necessary tools of the trade. The vehicles you use in your business need to be Specialized Vehicles for you to perform the best possible job.


To have a successful fleet you need to have the right fleet services. This can mean vehicles, technology or man power. Dynamic Distribution Systems can give you specialized vehicles for whatever your requirement is. You call us tell us what you need and we will provide you a vehicle on short notice. Besides specialized vehicles we offer many more fleet services that will help your business get a competitive edge. 


Dynamic Distribution Systems has all the Specialized Vehicles you need to cater to all your transportation and logistics requirements. Not just a variety of vehicles for you to choose from we also offer some of the cheapest rates in the industry.


With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane we can help you get the most advanced and cost effective fleet services that is present anywhere in Australia. If you are interested in knowing more about the specialized vehicles and fleet services we offer contact us today for a free quote.