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Route Optimisation

Do you need to know the best and quickest route to your destination ? Our Route Optimisation services can help you


Route Planner – Plan Your Route Right 

According to one estimate, Australians waste millions of dollars a year stuck in traffic. Say you want to go to your grocery store, your bank or restaurant; did you know there are 6 different routes you can take? The fact is as the number of stops increases the numbers of possible routes go up considerably. For 4 stops there can be 10 routes and for 5 stops there can be 20 routes. The aim of Route Optimisation is to cut down your travel distance and travel time. Less distance traveled means less fuel burned, reduced gas emission in the air, reduced wear and tear on your vehicle, reduced possibility of accident and reduced insurance charges--not to forget most importantly customer efficiency and going home early.  The savings can be huge in terms of time, money and resources.

Route Optimisation Software

You can plan your route with our Route Planner services that is backed by the Route Optimisation Software built in house by the IT development team at Dynamic Distribution Systems. What gives our route optimisation software the edge that Dynamic Distribution Systems is company that offers services in the transportation and logistics industries successfully. When the Route Planner was built it was done with all the expertise of our transportation and logistics works feedback and approval. So if you need a route planner to plan your route in Sydney from suburb to suburb or a longer distance to various parts of Australia from your home base we can help you get the best route with our software.


A proficient routing system is an essential tool for any route especially when you have a fleet. Manually routing your fleet even on a small scale is out of the realm of human capacity and is best left to be done by computers systems.

Dynamic Distribution Systems uses the latest high tech software in the industry today for our route optimisation services. With the route optimisation services we provide you can be certain that it will help you save time, money and wear and tear to your fleet.

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